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You Will Do It If It Matters by Dyan Diamond

You Will Do It If It Matters  by Dyan Diamond

We do what is important to us.  We eat, sleep, and breathe every day without hardly giving it a thought.  We fill our hours with the things that matter.  Those things that we do every day become our habits.

Our habits are choices we make daily.  They are based on what is most important to us – and to the people around us.  Think about what you do every day – brush your teeth, drink a cup of tea, get dressed.  Those are our habits.  Stop and consider:  What are your daily habits?

Do your habits sustain you?  Are they things you have chosen for yourself or are you doing things all day that others feel you “should” be doing?  Sustainable, self-loving habits will feel amazing and good when you do them.  When others try to dictate what they think we “should” do, we can feel resentment about doing those things.  But remember, they are still our choices and we can always choose differently.

It is very important to look at how you feel about yourself.  If you are not important to you, you may not take loving care of yourself.  When you are angry or sad, you may not want to give yourself all the good things your mind, body and spirit are longing for.  If you do not feel good about you, you may feel challenged by self-loving actions.

If you do not matter to you, it is easy to make up excuses to distract yourself away from creating self-loving habits like exercise.  “It’s too difficult.”  “It’s too much trouble.”  “It’s not possible.”  All of those things we tell ourselves are the excuses we use.  And in reality, it is how we feel about ourselves.  Look at how you feel about yourself if you find that you are resisting exercise.

When you believe you are important, you will also understand that exercise, or “movement” as I like to call it, sustains us and keeps us strong and clear.  Movement is an excellent way to take care of ourselves.  Movement is also a great way to move beyond anxiety and stress, as it burns off heavy, dense emotions.  Movement is a loving thing we can do for ourselves every day.

Experts say it takes 21 days to establish a habit.  I believe it is much easier when the habit matters to you.  Not to anyone else.  You have to matter to you.  And why wouldn’t you?  You are here, perfectly expressing yourself as exactly who you are.  Nobody else could be you.  You are an amazing, unique individual with load of gifts to share.  What is not to love?  And there are a couple of very nice side effects of taking excellent care of yourself:  You will have even more energy to share with others, and you’ll be a bright, beautiful example for others around you.

Your habits are choices.  Make them work for you instead of against you.  Set a goal.  Make it reasonable.  Find a form of exercise/movement that you enjoy doing.  There are countless options.  Do some research until you find one you enjoy.  Then show up.  Do it daily.  If you feel that you have gotten off track, get back on.  Do not make a big deal out of it.  Do not put yourself down because you feel you have let yourself down.  Just refocus.

What we focus on, we get more of.  Focus on a happy, healthy way of life.  Be willing to accept and love all of you.  Be willing to accept the fact that you matter.  Make exercise/movement a part of your day that you look forward to because you understand that it is a loving thing to do for yourself.  And any love that you give yourself will spill out into the world.  Keep your word to yourself.  Show yourself that you can rely on you.  There are endless gifts and lessons in exercise/movement.   Give yourself the life sustaining love you want and deserve today.  You will do it if it matters.  And you matter!

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