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True North House Radio Announces First Program & DJ SiMBa

True North House is excited to announce the launch of our radio programming.  We intend to bring you Life University Meetings, Love Awareness Celebrations, Compassion and Empathy Classes and more!

Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter here on this site to get all the latest and greatest Compassionate Radio Programs from True North House.  If you want a fresh look at life – True North House Radio is for you.  We are staying #SurrealAsUsual, expanding minds and bringing LOVE for the people!

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Our first True North House Radio program addresses Paula Deen and the responses of the women on The View.  Our Tony Scruggs (@ucla444 on twitter), as Compassionate DJ SiMBa (@SiMBasays444) explores the issues and gives us thoughts about what we can do to be the change.

Click here to listen to the 30 minute Compassion and Empathy Class now:

Read below for more information on Tony and his thoughts on where we can go from here.

Black heart (cards)…B†△#BeTheChange∞

As a former “Major League Baseball” Player (Alma Mater\#NourishingMother, Ucla, Congratulations #UclaBaseball, on winning #CollegeWorldSeries), and Son, of an #LGBT Father, of African-Ancestry (#HigherShadeOfBrown), with whom I teach #NonViolentCommunication, these last few days, have seemed like, the Perfect Storm, of Life events, combined with my expertise, shared through the lens of #CompassionateCommunication, with which I speak! Feel me?

In regards to Paula Deen, If #GroupPrivilege, is “things working to the benefit, of One group, at the detriment of another group”, then, I’m #HoldingTheBelief, that what people are reacting to, is the Collective pain, of the past, converging with Paula Deen’s, personal pain of the moment, & most people don’t have a language, to articulate that distinction. Make sense?

I have been asked the Question: “What should happen NOW?”

My perception:

1) Let’s speak, Empathically, about #HumanVariation (so called ‘race’), & Contemplate, whether it’s possible, to prevent ist/ism, while still holding on, to the construct (or is it, like a dog chasing it’s tail?)?

2) Let’s refrain from “Enemy Image” (image of another person’s wrongness)…in my travels to India, with TusharGandhi & the Gandhi family, I’ve noticed that, when members of #TeamHumanity perceive criticism, they usually head to SD, Ca (not San Diego, California, but #SelfDefense & #CounterAttack)

3) Let’s speak, Empathetically, about #GroupPrivilege, & how if you look like the Super-Hero (Superman), the Deity (God), the Gift-Giver (Santa Claus), & the pics on the $$$$, your personal behavior, does not get stuck to the group! Where, if you’re not in the Privileged energy field, the actions of One, can be painted on the backs of many. With me?

& 4) Let’s “Speak Impeccably”, and refrain from “Declarations” (telling people how it is), vs. #Proclamations (Passionate eXpression, of One’s Beliefs)…understand, when it’s time, to use formal communication (Tuxedo language), & when you can “Let your freak fly” (BBQ shorts speak)…Clarity?

I’m Grateful, for your time & attention,

SiMBa (Spirit/Mind/Body, with inspiration & abundance)

You can find SiMBa at:

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