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Life University Class With DJ SiMBa and the Lion King

♥…As the Son, of a #SameGenderRomantic (LGBT), Father, in this Cultrure, my Journey on this planet, has been filled with many Opportunities, to practice Empathy (for myself, for my Dad, & for those, who shared their “Emotional Pain”, in ways, that were #LessThanWonderful).

Our special guest, is my Father, Marc Scruggs (@TheLionKing444), & the topic, is #SameGenderMarriage, Empathy, & maybe, some Father & Son, wild-card, Freestyle…You ready? (Put your seat-belt on, & enjoy the ride) N’ est-ce pas? 😉

~ Tony Scruggs, DJ SiMBa (@SiMBaSays444)

Click here to listen now:

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