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DJ SiMBa has been busy while I have taken some time off from posting on this site. I’ve updated the Radio Page and I really encourage everyone to check out DJ SiMBa’s radio shows.

DJ SiMBa is Anthony Raymond Scruggs – or Tony, to those of us who know and love him. (SiMBa stands for Spirit, Mind and Body.) He is an amazing person with wondrous and creative things to share with all of us. I have been working with Tony for some time now and whether he is coaching, tweeting, writing, making videos, speaking or being a DJ, he embodies love, empathy and compassion.

You can read more about Tony here (And see some fantastic photos of him too!):

You can follow his blog here:

You can interact with Tony on twitter: @Ucla444, @Scruggzy, @SiMBaSays444

You can find his super creative and helpful videos here:

If you would like to book DJ SiMBa for a speaking engagement or if you are interested in being interviewed on Living With Compassion Radio – you can contact us at:


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