Living With Compassion – The First Twe-e-Book

I invite you to follow along with the first Twe-e-Book by Tony Scruggs.  To read this book – follow him on twitter at: @SiMBaSays444 and click on the #LivingWithCompassion tags.  This is not just a book – it is a completely interactive program.  Tony will also be answering your questions and concerns on twitter as the Twe-e-Book unfolds.

While we follow this amazing new kind of learning program – We will learn about Empathy, Honesty, Objectivity, Feelings, Needs and Requests.  We will learn how to communicate effectively.  We will learn how to use compassion in ways that are loving and life expanding.

Tony has given us a whole new way to learn about ourselves.  Tony teaches Nonviolent Communication and Personal Power.  It is a free program.  This is his gift to us.  There is no sign up, no emails flooding your inbox.  To participate – just click on the #LivingWithCompassion tag on twitter and it will take you right to the program.

Join us as we journey into Compassion and Empathy.  The trip starts today!  I’ll be there.  Hope to see you too.

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