Lost In Light – A Beautiful Book Release From TNH


My aim for this book is to bring hope to those who feel lost. I have been in that place many times. You struggle through each day in silence, and all you want is escape. But it never works. We all struggle. We all go through life with doubts and insecurities. But there are some of us that go through life a little more lost than others. Its a struggle we can’t explain, can’t prove and some times doubt if its real. Some days we just can’t do it – life – and don’t know why. My spirituality carried me through. I NEED to experience all this negativity and loss and love and hurt in order to carry on with my soul’s journey. That is my belief. And it has saved me. Even though I want to give up – I won’t. For my children. For me. We are all searching…. That burning need that just won’t leave. Don’t ignore it. Pay attention. If you are not happy don’t stop until you find those things that fill you up with joy. Your being must fill and burst with laughter. It is then that your true journey begins.

By Taryn Schlebusch with photos by Michelle Wright

Find this wonderful poetry and photography book here:

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