It’s Official! We are proud to announce the release of Excellence Off The Field


We are so proud to announce the official release of Tony Scruggs’ book:  Excellence Off The Field – The Ultimate Guide to Mindful Empathy:  How to Prevent, Manage and Resolve Conflict

What are people saying about Tony? 

“Tony Scruggs hits a Home Run with his ideas.  He can help you access your inner Empathic Communicator and discover your best self!”  ~ Tony Danza, Actor

“Tony is a passionate man driven to make a difference in the world.  I am always excited to see what he is going to come up with next on his journey to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.”  ~ Jariek Robbins, Author of Live it! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose

“When I first met Tony Scruggs after a Wilson Phillips concert, he told me that ‘Hold On’ influenced and impacted his life for the positive.  Now he takes that message of hope, combines it with compassion and impacts others in a positive way.  I’m so proud that our song is a part of his philosophical music!”  ~ Carnie Wilson, of Wilson Phillips

“Tony Scruggs is a positive blast of energy, deeply aligned with the spiritual forces now rising up from the heart of things.”  ~ Marianne Williamson, Author of A Return To Love

Find this excellent read all over the internet and order your copy today! 

Click on the links below to go to your favorite online bookstore:





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