A Great Read About Cuba & What’s Going On At TNH

What have we been doing at True North House Publishing & Productions?  We’ve been busy!

We are working on a book about Cuba.  This is a fascinating read, written by a Cuban refugee who was born the same year that Fidel Castro and his revolution took over Cuba.  Maria and her mother came to the United States when she was 11 years old, via the Freedom Flights.  We are learning what living in Cuba was like for them.  And what it was like to come to a new country, leaving behind family and friends – and how they survived.  It’s truly an insider’s look at Cuba and the unique challenges of the Cuban people.

The woman behind the story, Maria Fernandez, is an amazing, very loving, very spiritual human being.  Watch for the book to come out early summer.  You can find her on Twitter:  @MariaRastaluv 

Osa Sjoberg’s book, The Booty Chronicles, was officially released a week ago.  People are having a great time with this book!  It’s such a fun and insightful read.  Osa made a video about her book – you can find it on her Facebook page.  Stay tuned for Osa’s first interview on radio.  We are looking forward to hearing all about her book!  Find Osa and her book on Facebook:  Find Osa On Facebook

It’s almost time for another #EmpathyChat with Tony Scruggs.  Tuesday, May 17th will be the 3rd #EmpathyChat.   They start at 7pm Eastern time.  The questions are very thought provoking!  Join us this week for another amazing #EmpathyChat by going to twitter and searching #EmpathyChat  Find Tony and his incredible book, Excellence Off The Field, on Amazon here:

Our own Michelle Wright, the wonderful photographer behind the book, The Magic Of Mandela, and Avril Guthrie, who compiled and edited the book, got to meet each other in person recently.  It was very exciting to see the two come together when Avril visited South Africa for her mother’s 90th birthday.  The internet is fantastic to connect and work with people from all parts of the world, but a hug is always best!  Find this beautiful book here:  And find the gorgeous photography of Michelle Wright on Facebook here:

We wish you a magical week, full of everything you want – and lots of great books!

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