NEW RELEASE!! Cuban Angel: Courage without Limits

True North House is very excited to announce the release of our latest book!!

Cuban Angel: Courage without Limits was written by Maria Fernandez. It tells the story of Maria’s birth, in the year that Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries took over Cuba. She shares the trauma of the death of her beloved father by suicide, and how hard life became following his passing.

Maria and her mother were able to escape from Cuba on the Freedom Flights. Her story then shifts to the United States, where they settled in California. Maria had to come to terms with a new life and a new culture at a very young age. She tells how difficult life was, particularly initially, as she could not even speak English.

Maria’s story unfolds as she completes her education, and goes on to become a medical professional. In later years she had to also come to terms with losing her beloved mother, who had been her mainstay in her life. She battled to deal with circumstances, battled depression and tried to take her own life.

It took a great deal of hard work and courage, but Maria finally found new meaning in life. She has always had a special love for others, and for animals, and now spends her time in helping those in need.

Her story is a real human drama, played out in early Cuba, and then the United States. It speaks of immense love and courage, and is a very inspiring must-read!

Cuban Angel: Courage without Limits can be found on the link given below:  

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