The Wonderful Benefit of Discount Codes

Never need to buy a book at full price again?? Now that certainly sounds very appealing, doesn’t it!

True North House books are available on a number of sites, in various formats, but one thing that is a constant for us is that every book will first and foremost be available on The exciting news is that these guys have regular discount offers. Keep your eyes peeled for the special discount codes on our Facebook and Twitter links, and score today when buying something special to read from us.

But the news gets even better! There is often also free or discounted shipping included!

Books make wonderful gifts, and True North House publications are here to inspire you, your family and friends, and to bring you joy. Check out the current offer, for example! At the moment (between 19 and 24 October  2016) there is 30% off on all print books, using the code OCTHIRTY (case sensitive) at the checkout. Similar great offers are available on a regular basis!

Click here to find all of the wonderful books that are currently available from True North House, via Lulu

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