Awakening: Self ~ A Brand New Release From True North House

There is always something going on at True North House, and today we are very excited to announce the publication of yet another new book! Read on, and continue to be inspired by our special reads.

“Awakening: SELF” was written by the latest author to join our True North House team, Todd Borandi. The book is based on questioning and discovering who we really are. Who is that “SELF” that we are all searching for? What is truth? There are numerous teachers, books and seminars which endeavour to find these answers, but how can they teach us about that part of ourselves without having lived our lives?

“Awakening: SELF” allows the reader to go on a journey where they can find their own way to SELF and discover the “I am” by asking important questions related to their own life experiences. The author’s approach to this book is unique in that there are many questions asked within the content of the book and he provides examples to the reader for consideration, but never tells the readers how they will find themselves. The book sets a foundation, then quickly moves the reader to advanced questions which require they be ready to “Inquire Within.”

This special book is available now on the following link: and will soon also be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and BAM.

Prepare to discover who you really are! Order your copy today. Dare to Awaken now!

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