Official Release: Awakening: Self by Todd Borandi

True North House Publishing and Productions is very proud and excited to announce the full launch of our latest book, Awakening: SELF, by the amazing Todd Borandi!!

Are you ready to Awaken? Ask yourself, in your life today, what truth is there that you have not been taught by someone else? Have you spent your life believing what other people have told you to believe, but still there is an itch of doubt deep within that you could not scratch? You may now be standing on the edge of a personal awakening.

This book challenges us to find our own answers to who we are, and is a must read for all who are seeking their truth

We are thrilled to announce that you can now get your very own copy of this book on Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble

Lulu:  (Discount here!)


Barnes & Noble:

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