Introducing Aleka Rose

It is always exciting for us at True North House to introduce a new author, and no less today, letting you know that Aleka Rose has joined us.

Aleka resides in Pennsylvania and is the mother of four. It has always been a dream of hers to write and this special dream is about to be realized, with the imminent publication of her first book, Untold Story.

Untold Story is a self help memoir, based around quotes from Maya Angelou, and on the author’s own personal life experiences. While sharing very traumatic personal experiences with her reader, Aleka turns each of these into a positive, and leads us on a very inspiring journey, showing how negativity can be overcome if we are determined enough to face issues head on.

Keep an eye out for this very inspiring new book, Untold Story, to be published shortly!

Aleka can be found on Facebook:

Twitter: @Aleka_Rose

And Instagram: WordSmith.AlekaRose

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