Standing Rock Is Everywhere By John Gonzalez


True North House is excited to announce the release of Standing Rock Is Everywhere by John Gonzalez. Please check out this amazing book today.

An excerpt from the book, Standing Rock Is Everywhere

“December 17, 2016 , 11:30PM

Temperatures hover at -28°, when I enter the Great White Dome, humming with celebration…

Before having a chance to reach for my phone, I’m grabbed by the hand and pulled into the Sacred circle…

We sing…
We dance…

We celebrate life, the company of one another, and the unity of what brought us here…

Everywhere the stories the same…

We’ve come to this place, because we had no choice…

We were called…

If you love me take my hand…
…and I will be your No DAPL man.”


Get your copy today! Standing Rock is Everywhere by Standing Bear John Gonzalez:

Head over to Standing Bear Network on Facebook here:


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