You Should Know John Gonzalez

Do you know John Gonzalez? You should. He fights environmental injustices for you and your family.

Find his book about his time at Standing Rock, standing for the water and Indigenous rights here: Standing Rock is Everywhere

Follow his journey here on Facebook: 

John Gonzalez is a South Kingstown, Rhode Island resident of Taíno descent, whose ceremonial name, Kanipawit Maskwa (Standing Bear), was given to him during the final days of the Standing Rock occupation in North Dakota, where over 500 Tribal Nations and their allies prayerfully came together and stood against a militarized corporation. A water protector who spent three months on the front lines, John worked with leadership to help evacuees and those who remained during the worst blizzard in North Dakota history, as well as prayerfully engaging in nonviolent direct action against DAPL.

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