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Team TNH

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Dyan Diamond @DyanDiamond on Twitter

Facebook: DyanDiamond


Find her books here: Dyan’s Books

Dyan is the author of 4 books and the founder of True North House Publishing. She is always working on her next book.



Tony Scruggs @Compassioning on Twitter



Press Kit:

Tony is a Mindful Empathy coach, public speaker and author of Excellence Off The Field. He is the dynamic voice of True North House.

Find Tony’s Book: Excellence Off The Field


Eliza Evans

Eliza is our marketing specialist at True North House. Her amazing graphics can be seen on all of our social media sites. You can message her on any of our social media sites.



Alex Beat @alexjohnnybeat on Twitter



Alex is a graphic designer, layout specialist and cover magician for True North House.



Michelle Wright @fairymich on Twitter


Michelle is a photographer who lives in South Africa. She has completed two books: The Magic of Mandela and Lost In Light.

Find Michelle’s book here: The Magic of Mandela


Taryn Schlebusch

Taryn is a poet who lives in South Africa. She has written: Lost In Light. She is currently working on her next book of poems.

Find Taryn’s book here: Lost In Light


Osa Sjoberg @FitnessByOsa on Twitter


Press Kit:

Osa is a model, fitness trainer and author. She is the author of The Booty Chronicles.

Find Osa’s book here: The Booty Chronicles


Todd Borandi

Todd Borandi @_TheLightCenter on Twitter



Todd is an author, coach, speaker who currently lives in Colorado. He has written a self-published book, Awakening Among Zombies and Vampires, and a second book, Awakening: Courage.

Find Todd’s book here: Awakening: Courage


Aleka Rose Find her on Facebook here

Aleka is an author who has just finished her first book, Untold Story, Insights On Being Human. She lives in Pennsylvania. Her book is a self-help memoir, dedicated to Maya Angelou’s courage and inspiration.

Find Aleka’s book here: Untold Story, Insights On Being Human


ThroughIndigenousEyesColor03 (1)

Shiyé Bidzííl is the author of Through Indigenous Eyes. It is the story of the Standing Rock movement as seen through the eyes of the drone pilot.

He is also the author of Embrace the Darkness. The story of the year after Standing Rock.

Find him here: On Facebook

Find his press kit here:

Find his books here: Through Indigenous Eyes/ Embrace The Darkness


John Gonzalez is the author of Standing Rock is Everywhere. Released September 2018

Find John here: On Facebook

Find John’s book here: Standing Rock is Everywhere


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