A Fun Read by Osa Sjoberg

This fun, thoughtful, entertaining, bold and outrageous read about Osa Sjoberg and one of her ASSets begins the the northern part of Sweden, where she grew up. It is also where her booty began to get attention when she was just 13 years old. Not only has it created quite the stir, it has also partially shaped her life – literally and figuratively. The attention on her derriere continued to gain momentum when she moved to Los Angeles, California.

Osa tells the tales of crazy reactions, indecent proposals, jokes and having her ethnicity in question because of her behind. Her booty definitely takes on a life of its own and even begins to talk back in the stories. Packed with smart humor, you will get a lot of booty – BUTT there’s also a deeper thread about staying with our truth, stereotyping and how we judge ourselves and others – how it affects us and what we do with it all.

Awesome photos included.

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