Announcing The Release Of: Untold Story by Aleka Rose

True North House is very excited to release our newest book:  Untold Story, Insights on Being Human by Aleka Rosa.

This has been a very special project for me.  Aleka has been a dear sister-friend to me for many years.  Her story is remarkable.  Her very survival is amazing.  I am always proud of her.  Today is no different.  She wrote this book with a lot of courage.  She tells her story in a way that we can all understand and benefit from.  It is an incredible story and she gives great advice on how she got through some really awful circumstances.

Order and enjoy this book today. It’s a great read for anyone who has gone through adverse situations in life. It’s a great read for anyone who strives to be better.  It’s a great read for anyone!

Untold Story
Insights on Being Human

And find Aleka here:


Twitter: @Aleka_Rose

And Instagram: WordSmith.AlekaRose

Soon to be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM and all of the great online booksellers!


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